I started taking prednisone because zyrtec stopped working for hives.

I know everyone is taking a combination of things for their hives, many are taking several different antihistamines and some are taking corticosteroids, I wanted to offer some suggestions to add to or just experiment with to aid in your relief. Before I went on prednisone for a week, I was full of hives and after the week dosage of prednisone, I felt them coming back but I tried to get ahead while the prednisone was in me and bought these products below, quercetin is derived from pineapples and is a natural histamine blocker. I bought “activated” quercetin because I kept hearing that it works better than just pure quercetin, do your research to figure out what makes it “activated”. Hyland’s Hives is amazing, they’re just little dissolvable tablets that you put under your tongue when you feel “them” coming. I pop at least 3 twice a day. As far as the Histaminum, I haven’t tried it yet but it has better reviews than both products, give them a try.
I started taking prednisone because zyrtec stopped working after 10 years and neither of the other meds ever worked. I kept taking the zyrtec while on prednisone and incorporated the others into my daily regimen and I’ve been a lot better managing them again with zyrtec, 1 week post prednisone. I even pushed my allergist appointment back to August so I can continue experimenting.


Mike Schwieters Quercetin could work if its histamin intolerance

Mel Ham Mike do your research, there’s many people that has tried this and it has helped them. You can’t say that it will only help if you have a histamine intolerance, that’s ignorant. Most people who deal with hives was introduced to them by a sudden onset, whether there’s something you’re allergic to or idiopathic, a person that’s histamine intolerant usually is born that way. Anyone who think otherwise must have been diagnosed with it by a doctor that has no clue of what’s going on with you and he chose the lazy route. And I’m not saying it’ll help everyone, just as the different drugs that we all take, works for some and not others, just give it a try.

Franca St. Cyr Gravel I have pure quercetin. It hasn’t helped me.
I have tried Hyland’s Hives, but it is more for allergies than chronic hives.

Mel Ham I tried the pure quercetin first, didn’t do anything but I didn’t take it very long either, I then learned that the activated quercetin is the route to go, since it’s combined with vitamin c which helps your body absorb it. I have chronic hives and hyland’s Hives gives me a little relief. How long did u take the quercetin?

Franca St. Cyr Gravel Mel Ham I am still on the quercetin. I have been on it since May. I will talk to the Naturopath and health food store owner about the active quercetin the next time I see them.

Mel Ham Do some research yourself, also  Or take vitamin c with the querceti

Franca St. Cyr Gravel Mel Ham I do take vitamin c. I will also. I have researched a lot over the past year. But not so much into quercetin.

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