hi I suffered with chronic hives for nearly 20 years.

I suffered with chronic hives for nearly 20 years.

I suffered with chronic hives for nearly 20 years. I have been in remission for the past seven, but look at me last night. I was at the mercy of a buffet and wasn’t as careful with the food choices that can trigger hives in me.

I make a living helping people reverse diseases/put them into remission without using drugs, but this goes to show you that even though I’m the healthiest I’ve been in many years, I’m still vulnerable.

Happy New Year everybody. I hope that you all have a very healthy year and that your hives also go into remission, and that an occasional outbreak is an exception, not the norm.


JODI BURWICK FRANKLIN For me anything artificial-colors, flavors, preservatives. Also some foods that aren’t organic like peppers, grapes and strawberries, which are LOADED with pesticides. Also wine that has added sulfates.

MELLY GREENALL What foods trigger hives or is it an individual thing?
I was ok-ish before Xmas and now mine are back tenfold! I can’t think what I have done differently, apart from eating to excess.
Fed up with these blighters!

PAULINE FLENTJAR I’ve had no outbreaks since my food change and then BANG over did it over the Xmas break and I feel I’m now back at square one

JODI BURWICK FRANKLIN It’s tough. We used to eat out a lot more. I reached a point where I just said I need to take care of myself and not live my life in perpetual itchiness and pain. It took a lot of tinkering, but I figured it out.
Preparation is key. If you do decide to go to Disney, make sure you bring food that you can eat. If we go somewhere and there’s nothing but junk, I just won’t eat. It’s not worth it.

IMOGEN FISHER I’ve also had success with extreme dietary changes, but have not eaten out in months. I’m so glad my husband and I decided to delay our annual Disney trip (for different reasons—we don’t think our girls can handle the walking and they’re too big for strollers). Traveling on specialized (normally, we’re gluten free—but this AIP/Low Histamine is **extreme**) diets like this is not going to be fun.

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