Anyone done this in hives?

So a newby here..this is week 5 of hives and my heart goes out to those of you who have had to endure this crap for months and years. I was on max dose of Cetirizine for a.month and it appeared little or nothing. So three days ago I halved the dose, the next day had no meds for them at all and today no meds again. I have been in the ocean each day and it helps heaps. I still have them.coming but no faster than when on meds, in fact maybe to a lesser degree. Used ice on swelling last night which resolved ankle. I eat keto, drink lots of water, do Yoga daily and am experimenting without meds. Figure worse that can happen is head to toe including soles of feet flare up again. Nothing to lose. Anyone done this?

Anyone done this in hives


Pamula Bradish Mcgregor good luck with that… hang in

Suegne Botha you should try ginger juice. Just make your own and drink some twice a day ( you can search on this group for where I posted the recipe).

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