I will never experience hives again

I get this sometimes and i am positive it has to do with my hives. I’m getting my gallbladder out on wednesday and I am REALLLLLLYYYYT HOPING ill never experience hives again. It could be a side effect. Ive been having gallbladder problems since junior year of highschool and I’ve been graduated for a year now. My hives started as a senior. The timeline for this set of hives matches up.


Sarah King Hope for the best, I’ve never had hives before this year and I had my gallbladder out 5yrs ago

Asli Deniz Genc 99% chance that your hives will disappear. It is going to take some time until your system will be completely hive free. During that time still be aware of triggers (spicy food, night shade veggies, some medication). My MIL had terrible skin problems until they removed her sick gallbladder and she is a new woman. In my case it was my tonsils!

Tiffany Lee Not sure if it will help your hives or not, wishing it does for you! Just from experience getting mine out really felt so much better with other symptoms.

Michelle Daddato Poole Had my gallbladder out 15 years ago, got my first hive last August. My hives are from my leaky gut.

Faith Kee I have the same patched and gets redder as I scratch it… like now

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