I’m afraid to ask – what does this hive look like to you?

Been hive free for a while after years of hive hell – I’m afraid to ask – what does this look like to you? (Sorry I haven’t shaved that area :() it’s crazy itchy – some bumps come out and I pick out a tiny bit of keratin or something. And it’s been there for a long time and is spreading. I have tried very over the counter topical. Actually considering prednisone it itches so bad. I’m using ice packs and covering with makeup when I go out because people gross out over it. I can’t believe I’m back here – want to cry if this is one of my old fall flare ups. Thank you friends (we need an itchy emoticon)


Carol Mark Rollo A trip to your doctor to get a proper diagnosis

Kim Eplett If you lived in Missouri I’d say chiggers. It doesn’t look like hives.

Franca St. Cyr Gravel Hun, what are you waiting for? Get to a doctor!

Holly Dolan I always get really dry skin when it’s cold out–and the weather is definitely changing! But yeah, it’s probably Doctor time.

Carol Mark Rollo My daughter gets eczema and if it gets infected, it looks a bit like this xx

Angie Colt Hultgren Does not look like hives

Kriste Colon This looks different, I would see a dermatologist first and go from there.

Katie Oliver I have urticaria and eczema – looks pretty much like mine has been before.

Kelly Cuomogothaircut These are exactly how my hives look. I’ve stumped a lot of people (even docs) but yes mine are hives. 7 years of this and only Xolair helps. You should always double check with a doctor but for those of u above, this can definitely be hives!!!

Jo Richardson My hives look like this when they last longer than 72 hours. I’m still getting told it’s different things tho

Kristen Soderberg Have you had a biopsy to rule out Urticaria Vasculitis?

Cristine Kreplick Yup

Jo Richardson Getting booked in. My blood all came back normal tho so it probably isn’t

Mel Mack sometimes mine look like this. sorry

Cristine Kreplick Thanks / I think this is how the original flare started – stupid on call derm said no-see-ums – ugh. Gona go back! Thanks

Sue Elshire Hargrave This is what mine looks like daily. I am still mad at that doctor. I also have urticarial vasculitis when it gets incredibly severe, and vessels break, and cause deep bruising and swelling. I’m so sad, as I thought you were done with hives. If this is chronic urticaria back again, let’s hope another remission in on it’s way very quickly. Geez. Yeah no-see-ums NOT. Is that bruising in your foot? Do go back and see your regular doc and let me know what he/she says. Ugh. Big Hugs!

Gina Rivera Oh no! I’m so sorry! Idiot doc saying it is no-see-ums. Definitely go back for a more thorough and thoughtful exam. Good luck my friend!

Cristine Kreplick Thanks – love you all – I have school tomorrow so I’ll hydrate my ass off and go get seen on Friday! 2 years ago I spent thanksgiving as an inpatient – I’m not letting it get that bad! Does anyone else get Fall Flareups?

Maggie Maye Oh nooooooooooo I am so sorry Cristine.I hope you can get it under control again..

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