I’ve suffered with urticaria for 10 years.

I’ve suffered with urticaria for 10 years on and off… I’ve always suffered for a few days then I’d have no hives for a few weeks or months. I’ve had it in my throat a few times where it restricts ur breathing… even ended up in critical care 😔 I last had bad hives in 2014, and had nothing since until just before Christmas. So I’ve been suffering constantly for about 10 weeks now (never had it this long) …. been covered in them day and night…. struggled really bad (see attached pic). For the last 5 days I’ve been taking apple cider vinegar in warm water and noticed that the hives have significantly reduced… I’m only getting a couple of small ones and they’re less itchy too. I’ve also mixed 5 oils together and apply this on the hives, it reduces the itchiness better than any anti histamines. The oils are coconut oil (2 teaspoons), rice bran oil (2 teaspoons), olive oil – from pharmacy, not the one for cooking (2 teaspoons), tea tree oil (5 drops) and lavender oil (5 drops).
I’ve also started taking the quercetin from Holland and Barrett as others have said this helps.
I hope this helps others as I know how frustrating, irritating and depressing hives are.


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