Just thought I’d share my story of what worked for me

In November I started getting hives and they got worst and worst over the next few weeks and extended to horrible nerve pain, which I was told was from the hives pushing on my nerves.

After 3 months of suffering, I had seen a dermatologist twice, gone to urgent care and to an allergist– Several blood tests, was taking all sorts of antihistamines, prednisone, etc… nothing helped. I was gaining weight from all the meds and so exhausted I couldn’t even do normal tasks like making dinner at night. I wasn’t myself, and in bed by 7/8 every night.

It’s amazing how the hives and the meds can ruin your life!

My husband had been pushing the idea that it was a candida overgrowth in my gut. I thought it was silly but felt so desperate to try ANYTHING. So, he bought a bentonite clay for me to take. He mixed one tablespoon with a couple ounces of water and I drank it on an empty stomach (no food for 45 minutes) in the morning.

Day 2 I started to see relief and day 3/4 they were gone! I took it for about a month everyday. If I didn’t take it my skin would feel itchy, but no hives. After a month, I’m no longer taking it and I’m still hive free. The clay cleaned my gut out. I’m planning to do two week cleanses with it every few months.

Anyways, if anyone’s interested in researching candida yeast overgrowth in the gut and wants to give bentonite clay a try, I hope it works for you too! We buy the one below from amazon.


SAMANTHA SHANAHAN This saved my life I am in total agreement with you I’ve been taking it for 1 month now along with low histamine diet and it has caused me to be hive free for the last month next week I’m going to stop taking it and see how I do


JENNIFER VOSSI I actually found another store that sells food grade bentonite clay which can be taken internal and externally.
Its both sodium and calcium though. Do you think this one from whole foods will be OK?
I cannot find any calcium specific Bentonite clay and do not shop online…

AMANDA SHOEMAKER I bet that will work! The directions on mine say 1 teaspoon but we do a tablespoon. Oh, and it can’t touch metal so use a plastic scoop and spoon

JENNIFER VOSSI i I read that too…thanks!
Yes, I read 1 teaspoon too, aren’t you worried about it getting stuck in your colon and also the kind I am going to get says let it sit for 6 to 8 hours before you drink it.

LIZ KING It just occurred to me what an awful patient I must be….. I wondered how it would taste with bourbon

AMANDA SHOEMAKER Haha! I don’t think it would help. Better to swig it fast instead of savoring it 

CHRISTY TAYLOR I ordered this, but it has a cancer warning on it? Only in the state of California, but none the less a warning. I know lots of things cause cancer, it’s just all scary!

JENNY THORPE I have no idea where I can get the clay as all the 1s I have looked at say not for consumption so I’m a tad worried about it lol if any1 from the UK could let me know where u got urs from I’d appreciate it

THERESA KRAMER GABICA I ordered from Amazon. Haven’t noticed results yet – only 2 days. It tastes like dust. I have a hard time waiting 45 minutes after drinking it before eating anything. Guess I should get up early, drink it and go back to sleep for 30 minutes

AMANDA SHOEMAKER Not worried about it getting stuck‚ it’s generally recommended for IBS patients so if anything I feel like it helps my stomach‚ mine doesn’t need to sit. I just make it and drink it in the am, 45 minutes before eating but I don’t eat the gunky pieces left at the bottom of the cup

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