hi Most of the insect bites i get turn into hives

Most of the insect bites i get turn into hives

I have not had 1 hive for almost a year (I’ve been successful on Xolair) and then I get stung by a bee . The area I was stung resulted in a huge, itchy, burning hive.

Anyone else experience this with a bee sting? I’m not allergic, but I’ve found I’m super sensitive to bug bites etc. since I’ve had CIU.


Penny Arlene looks like a bee sting. they swell itch and burn normally, be alert for additional hives, and feeling short of breath, racing heart or tingling or swelling neck, throat tongue, lips etc.

Margaret Catherine Thank you! It is a bee sting .

Penny Arlene it would even be “normal” for a nearby lymph node to become a little tender as your body reacts to the sting, but if you find more than a single near warm swollen mass, be alert for other developing symptoms

Anne Launius Berbling So sorry! But, our hives are essentially “bee stings” – without the insect injection – by our own bodies, right? The same histamine reaction. I wouldn’t think this reaction was connected to your chronic hives, if they’re under control.

Of course, anything can happen with hives, and I understand your concern. But I think the sting would look and feel like this for most people. Hope it’s better, soon!

Tiffany Lee Yeah I got stung by a wasp and it did the same thing. It’s been 2 weeks and I’m still bruised from the reaction.

Most of the insect bites i get turn into hives

Margaret Catherine So I’m thinking it won’t be feeling better soon 😞 Itches like hell and it seems to be getting bigger.

Edna-Hayes Harrison My body overreacts to mosquito bites too.


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