hi My hives tend to come up mostly in the evening, is this typical of Chronic Urticaria?

My hives tend to come up mostly in the evening, is this typical of Chronic Urticaria?

Hello everyone, I know the hives in the picture I’ve attached aren’t as severe compared to a lot of people’s but I really need some advice.. I suffer with very bad health anxiety and am extremely anxious as I’ve been experiencing hives for almost 7 months now.. I’m scared it’s some form of cancer or as a result of a cancer 😔.. My hives tend to come up mostly in the evening, is this typical of Chronic Urticaria? Also I experience my worst itching around my groin and upper leg area, although the itching In this area isn’t usually accompanied by visible hives, is this normal or should I be worried.. My hives started when I moved to Malaysia, I’m back in the UK now and still suffering which makes me think it’s something sinister.. Please help and comment if you have relevant information.. Thank you so much.. Kind regards liam


Susan Cremeans Have you had tests to rule out parasites since you’ve been out of country. Many years ago I got parasites from an out of country trip.
My hives only started in May. Each outbreak of hives takes a few days to go away. In the meantime more and more come. I’m never hive free. The good news for me is my hives aren’t nearly as severe as most of the pictures I’ve seen in this group.

Liam Church-Burton I will speak to my doctor about potential parasites.. Thank you.. Does anyone ever itch where there is no visible hives?

Kate Martin Wilson I absolutely have itching with no visible hives. And the itching can be activated by anxiety (health anxiety is really horrid and difficult to manage, my sympathies). I take a lot of antihistamines and have found this group helpful in that it has helped me see that other symptoms are linked to the CU (aching in joints for example). But be careful not to spend too much time studying the pictures and worrying – you can find it coming back to you and making you worry and anxious and that cycle starts all over again. Hives coming up in the evening is also absolutely typical. Top of the leg area? Could well be typical – not for me especially, but bound to be typical for someone! Things I have found useful: finding a sympathetic GP (doesn’t necessarily have to be one that knows a lot about CU, but one who is willing to try different medications; especially to help with itching); taking a CBT course on health anxiety; getting a sensible amount of knowledge about CU; realizing I am not the only one and that it is a chronic illness! Good luck.

Liam Church-Burton Thank you so much for your helpful response xx

Tonya Scarcello From my understanding it is very common for them to be worse at night. But I have read that with good rem sleep they lessen. Because our last cells don’t behave the same when in R.E.M. Sleep. I wake every early morning with a few hives. And the rest follow quickly behind. So so could see that being true. I spring up and take antihistamines. The warmth of your groin area will increase your hives.
But I also have anxiety attacks. And of course the fear that it could be a cancer and my body is desperately trying to tell me. I dislike how often it is dismissed as a common occurring disorder of often times unknown reasons. Which seems to make it sound acceptable. Sorry for your experience. Stay strong. Seek medical help from someone who has encountered this disorder before.

Liam Church-Burton So do you believe the chances of me having cancer are high? Thank you for your response x

Tonya Scarcello Liam Church-burton I don’t think that there is enough reason to be overly concerned. Speak openly with your doctor. I think it is ration to have concern. But I don’t think it rational or healthy for us in our condition to be panic stricken. I do believe that our disorder is a very hard thing for a medical professional to sort out. Asking you doctor to look into some treatments and educate himself a little further. Other than just sending you off to s specialist-is important.
My Dr. Maddox at the Mayo Clinic says it is usually brought on by an infection. Finding out wether you have any signs of infect is something your regular physician can do. Blood work.
I understand and let me doctor know I understand, they dislike it when we go online and self diagnose. But there are many very credible resources online. Work with your Dr. bring a list of some of the sites (we have a web portal we can send stuff to him) and sort they the info. He may learn something and you may find your doctor understands more than you know. If you don’t feel like your doctor is able to listen to you-find another doctor.
Some days I wake up and feel helpless. Some days I wake up just simply grateful that this didn’t happen to someone who couldn’t handle it.
Find a way to teach your self to remain calm and find your center. And most importantly know when you need to just vent-or cry-or inquire. Know that you can do so here. You scratch my back I will scratch yours lol.
Find a plus side-
When my lips get puffy. I gloss them up and wear it well. When my face is puffy I can focus on how nicely my fine lines disappear. And when I am covered with hives, I can take a walk and not a single mosquito will touch me And I justify a new comfy soft fluffy sweater and leggings.

Anna L Eisenhauer I practice mindfullness. Works for me!

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