My knees are so bad I can’t bend my legs because of hives

I started a second part time job in a kitchen. Well something there triggers it. I can normally tolerate the pain but I cannot stop crying. I’m a mess. No antihistamines are even touching it. I’m giving it a half hour before I resort to the epi pen due to the nausea, dizziness and tightness in my chest. My fiance had to carry me in from the car cause the ones behind my knees are so bad I can’t bend my legs.


Janet Brown That hurts to look at it. I do hope you find some relief.

Ana Garcia So sorry. Do you take stronger meds on days like today? They seem pretty strong for even a lot of antihistamines alone, in my humble opinion

Autumn Lee Prednisone? I’m concerned that you may need to see a doctor soon

Kay Graves I’ve been to three allergist since my xolair trial ended. Prednisone is the go to but it makes me violently ill . Today I’ve taken two benadryl and an over the counter antihistamine. It didnt get this bad til about seven

Ana Garcia I just think antihistamines are not enough for hives of this magnitude. I am on Plaquenil and it helps me a lot. Did prednisone for a year before that, after trying to handle this with huge antihistamine cocktails for months. Xolair made me worse but it seems to help you. Can you get back on it?

Lisa Salem Craine You poor thing prayers

Joletta N Ratcliff Awe, so sorry for your painšŸ˜¦sending some healing prayers your way

Glenn Daniels Did xolair help? I start soon 3-4 weeks is approved

Kay Graves Yes. However im going to be trying for baby number two and it was advised to not be on it for a year

Melissa Beck I’m pregnant and was taking it before and during my pregnancy – I went to a high risk ob and they were fine with me being on it. Maybe you should get a second opinion?

Kay Graves That’s good to know

Shontel Howard You need a shot of steroids to calm it down. Hard to calm it any other way, IMO. We all know how miserable you are. Go get help. Hugs

Christina Marie Have you considered the emergency room or an urgent care? I think it may be in order for ya hun.

Kristen Soderberg I remember laying in my tub and crying and shaking the pain was so bad. Two ER trips in one weekend and we drove straight to my docs office and didn’t leave there till they helped me with my pain and started hitting my diseases with everything he had. I’m 6 months Hive and UV free. DO NOT give up. DO NOT.

Autumn Lee Kay Yannello I hope you’re not soaking in very warm water. That will definitely make things worse

Kay Graves Cold with dial soap

Shontel Howard I agree with me hot water makes it worse. Except my feet, then it helps. I could never sit in a tub of water when I’m severe.

Lisa Obrecht Oddly enough I get hives from cold water

Ashlea Willms Hot water actually helps me. When my hives itch so bad that I start feeling like like my chest is going to explode (it’s a weird feelingĆ¢ā‚¬Ā¦ extreme panic attack mixed with feeling like I can’t stop shaking), I take a hot bath and I feel like I can breath again. The itch goes down just the slightest bit, but the hot water just makes me calmer.

KelliJo Mikesell Castleberry What about immunosuppressants??? Have you tried every kind of antihistamine? There’s so many and they all work differently.

Mandi Mosser I would say def go in .. get a shot and se relief .thats the really bad ones sad we have degrees of misery!! Hope u feel better sonn

Alissa Thompson Head to ER and ask for IV steroids and Zantac, should get ya in quick if you tell them you are in anaphylaxis. You will feel so much better in couple hours. Bless you, my CU friend. It’s gonna be ok.

Lucy Gibb The last time I had them I was in desperation to try anything as the meds wouldn’t work. I soaked in a warm (not hot) bath in one cup of porridge oats mixed in, it looks messy and is but the oats gave me great relief for a while. Thinking of you xx

Kaetrina Jollie I was the same when I had a autoimmune attack.. my thyroid went over active and I got the same
Hives I needed steroids to sort it out and then my Graves went into remission my hives went when my Graves did

Brittany McMillan So sorry hon. I have a question I was hoping any of you guys to helpe with. I want to get tattoes (I have none now) but does it hurt extra when hives pop up there and have you ever broken out while getting it done. Also, have you ever been turned away bc of your hives. I have hives everyday chronic auto immune urticaria Thanks!!!!

Jinah Buzzell I have a big tattoo on my back/shoulder and when I get hives in a certain spot on it, it hurts. But for the most part it doesn’t hurt any worse than areas without my tattoo

Cat Burton-Rayer In all honesty, any good tattooist won’t do them if you have a skin condition. You put you self at extra risk as you have no idea how it will affect you x

Ashlea Willms I’ve had hives since 2004. I go through bad outbreaks and then remission. I’ve gotten 4 tattoos over the years. Only my most recent one swelled up the tiniest bit, otherwise I have oddly not had any issues. The mandala (do not a readily small tattoo) on my back was done when I was in a slight outbreak with angioedema and it never swelled or itched. Well, today I have hives on it, but it’s been over a year since I’ve gotten it.

Cat Burton-Rayer Ouch! I have to wear rubber gloves to wash up otherwise I get a reaction. So far I’m ok with food but might be worth using some latex free gloves in the kitchen and see if that helps x

Franca St. Cyr Gravel How are you feeling now? I hope you feel better soon. I know how you feel, I have definitely been there before. Hugs.

Sai Sri Stay strong, face it, allegra and zantac together might help, if its too much to tolerate ask doctor for prednisone (steroid ) for time being.. if it continues go for xolar. Feel better soon.

Cee George Mine too!! That’s what happened when I had my first breakout. It was awful! I’m sorry you have to deal with this too. Ice baths helped me with the pain. And gold bond foot powder in a light moisturizer helped to mildly decrease itching. But the only thing that helped was benadryl and reactine huge dose and zantac for about a week straight. Don’t scratch!! I hope it gets better for you! Xoxo

Samanthia Louise I hope you feel better soon! One of the worst parts about it is the debilitation with no walking. The feet and knees swelling so bad! I feel your pain..feel well!

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