My son has chronic hives, and we are experiencing something similar with our daughter

My son has chronic hives, and we are experiencing something similar with our daughter.

Mommies- I need your help and encouragement. We’ve had allergy issues with our 2 year old son from birth to now, but NEVER my daughter until Thursday. She’s 4.

I’ll preface this with the fact that she has ZERO known allergies and never had a problem with hives. She woke up from nap with hives all over. Since then (this is day 3), she’s had non stop hives. Benadryl works for about 4 hours. She can’t sleep at night, she’s not napping well, and we’re at a loss. I’m using Hydrocortisone cream, Zyrtec, Benadryl, cold baths, essential oils- nothing is working for long. Anyone dealt with this? Have any ideas what this could be? We have not changed detergents, environmental anything, diet, etc. It’s so random- I thought maybe a virus but no other symptoms. Took her to urgent care yesterday afternoon- they said she looks good otherwise. I’m worried this is the start of chronic hives (my son suffers occasionally from this), but I know it can last for weeks st a time.

Please help- No one is sleeping, she’s miserable, and I’m at my breaking point. Nothing harder than seeing your child suffer.


Tory Goetz aveeno oatmeal baths…

Rael Briscoe Eurax cream is great for itch .What about piriton syrup cos I think it’s a bit drowsy so might help her sleep better.

Rael Briscoe Has she had any other medication that she could be reacting .I found certain meds really made my hives worsen

Tara Weidner I am in the same boat as you but with myself. It came out of nowhere and it happens every day. I am here to find answers too. Never been allergic in my life. Nothing changed but this is my everyday. All over my body

My son has chronic hives

Ashley Gibson Tara Weidner Omg! It’s SO weird how it just pops up one day. Zyrtec in the morning and at night seems to be helping. She had a few more pop up between doses, but not nearly as bad. Hoping it wipes them out for good. I hope the same for you! It looks incredibly uncomfortable.

Margita Prisuda Have a look at Anthony William ( medical medium ) he is so informative .
Hope you find the course and treatment

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