someone may know the types of rashes my 5 year old daughter gets ?

Hi all. someone may know the types of rashes my 5 year old daughter gets. She does have eczema which is treated with creams but this last year she has rash break outs/apparent impetigo (although I didn’t believe it was impetigo as what’s the odds that it comes in the same place EVERY time and never spreads?!) one time It turned into facial cellulitis and was quite a scary time in hospital. she has been referred to a dermatologist but I will attach a few photos. The rashes can be hive like and they can be pimpley/blistery (they are not always the same type of rash) Thankyou.


STORMY MOOCK Has she had allergy testing? Bless her hear

LAUREN ELLIOTT Nothing as of yet no. The referral to dermatology has just been sent. The thing is I have no idea what the allergy could even be x

STORMY MOOCK I work in a derm office. Your daughter could get more help from an allergist.

LIZ KING You will become your daughters biggest advocate. All doctors know how to bill you, very few know how to direct victims with these problems.
I’ve been dealing with this for 8 years, I’ve seen over 20 doctors. I agree, an allergist is a great first stop. I also recommend reading these threads. There is a wealth of validation, experience and resources.
I wish you peace and solutions

JENNIE LEE HEMPHILL Yes go to allergist or functional health practitioner.

LAUREN ELLIOTT Definitely not herpes and I’m not even convinced it was impetigo. She is now scarred from that on her face.

JADE HORSBURGH BROERE You should talk to a dermatologist or allergist about a skin biopsy of the effected skin. It may be the only way to confirm 100% what she’s suffering from

LEANN GARTH Start reading about hives on the web. Look up different types of hives. I know I just read info on hives that are like blisters and what that means but it did not apply to me so I have forgotten what it said. I have spent all day researching and I think I finally found out what is causing my hives. Researching will help you ask the doctors questions etc…. it’s worth your time.

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