hi They can test my blood for allergies

They can test my blood for allergies

Totally fed up of this. Fexofenodine doesn’t seem to work so back to doctors on Friday. I’m 90% sure it is pressure related as my job is hands on and palms of hands always break out. May ask if they can test my blood for allergies.


Julie Davies Fexofenadine didn’t work fir me neither made me worse if I’m honest. It’s horrible on the hands and the itch is unreal isn’t it. Sending you lots of hugs

John Gibb Yeah it is not nice, the hotness of it also is a huge bother. Thanks

Julie Davies I’m trying s Dead Sea salt bath tonight someone told me to try it hoping it soothes it. Xx

John Gibb I’ve had a oat meal bath defiantly helps and smells delicious haha

Carol Mark Rollo All fexofenadine done to me was make me a zombie!
Hope you find something that helps

Craig Mcclelland Aloe vera helps sooth it a wee bit. Out it in the fridge for extra releif

Mike Schwieters After a few weeks Or Months you have to Changed Antihistamins Cause They dont work anymore .Maybe Loratadin is Worth a try

Sue Elshire Hargrave Delayed Pressure Urticaria is a tough Physical Urticaria. I have the same issues along with heat and solar physical urticarias. Some people respond to Xolair for their DPU. Ask your doc, but I have a sneakin’suspicion that physical hives are the issue.

Caroline Jackson Fexofenadine 4x180mg per day didn’t work for me either, not even with the usual cocktail of other meds.Xolair is approved in Scotland John. It’s the only medication to work for me. Leaves me 90% hive free. I have delayed pressure urticaria too & it pretty much leaves me symptom-free. Do you see a hospital specialist?

John Gibb No I have not been to the hospital yet. Thanks

Caroline Jackson OK. I’d reckon if it’s pressure hives it’s pretty unlikely to be an allergy? Sorry, don’t know how long you’ve had this now, but push for a referral to a specialist. Xolair is only prescribed by a hospital specialist, as are some alternative meds that help for some of the CU folks here.
Glad the oatmeal baths are soothing it a bit! I like the Epsom & dead sea salts – with a dash of apple cider vinegar! It’s not exactly a Dior scent, but it soothes a little!

John Gibb Thanks for the info Caroline much appreciated. Just such a frustrating thing. Sunday was the first day in a month I woke up without a new hive and I was hopeful but by the end of the day was covered again. Will see what the doc says on Friday. Thanks again

Caroline Jackson No problem. I’ve been there & it’s lousy, I know 😧 It’s only being in this group that I heard about Xolair and found a doctor to prescribe it.
Good luck and let us know how you’re getting along

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