Has anyone else has Xolair work and hives gone away

So I started Xolair in Sept and it took I think til the 3rd or 4th injection and my hives were gone for 2 months…I was then a week late getting my shot in December because I missed my appointment and come january I got my next shot and a week later I started getting small patches of hives and now nearing the end of the month they are out of control again.

Has anyone else has Xolair work and hives gone away and then you missed an appointment and it threw off the cycle?? Is that possible


Jen Breen Yes its possible. Started a year ago. Missed a shot was almost 2 weeks late and had a lot of stress at work and school and hives started to come back. Got back on track and by the second shot on track hives gone.

Melissa Alvarez Oh girl let me tell you I try my best not miss or reschedule my Xolair appointments. 3 years ago I was late and missed my shots. No bueno!! (Not good) Since then I decided that my shots come first!!!!

Jessica Trimble  Yeah I forgot about it and could have still come in for it, but they couldn’t make time for me.

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