hi I am permanently itchy all over and my skin is injured with hives

I am permanently itchy all over and my skin is injured with hives

Has anyone been diagnosed with vasculitis? I seen a dermatologist this week and she’s running a load of bloods to check for it as I get very short of breath and have lots of headaches and joint pain. I’ve fainted more than once due to the shortness of breath. For over a year now my white cell count has been double what it should be. Thing is, other than the odd non itchy dry rash I don’t get many hives. I have dermographism so it only appears if my skin is injured. I’m permanently itchy all over though


Amanda Alamanos Yes diagnosed by biopsy as having vasculitis. I get a lot of pain – not just joints. Dermatologist says it’s because my blood vessels are leaking inflammation which will go with time. Some days I feel fine but mostly I struggle to get out of a chair without preparing myself! My hives bruise and last for days at a time.

Allison Aileen I haven’t been diagnosed with it, but after experiencing bouts of extreme coldness where my body doesn’t regulate temp, and my legs and haves turning purple, I was sent to a rheumatologist. I also experience joint pain. I’m waiting to hear back about test results.

Jane Hughes-Cook I tested positive with p anca testing but further investigations ruled it out

Meeks Abbott Yes i did wiyh a biopsy

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