hi I feel so sorry for her

I feel so sorry for her

This is my daughter. She usually gets these hives every few months went to my gp he basically said nothing can be done said not to worry as she has enough on her plate. Prescribed her an antihistamine. She took her second tablet this morning looked like it was clearing up then tonight she comes to me like this. This is the worst it’s ever been. She had a cool shower and I applied aloe Vera all over her. Is there any creams you all would recommend. I feel so sorry for her she’s 14 a type 1 diabetic and also has an over active thyroid. Lisa Leonard


JENNIFER SERRANO LYLE Please research Paleo diets, it will help! also work on healing the gut. Since I have started liver detoxes, eating zero processed foods, gluten and sugar I have been doing great! Hugs.

MYRA M BUCKLEY She needs some relief that looks painful. If it were me I would take her to the ER. Then follow up with Allergist.

LYNN LUCAS GOULD Poor thing. I keep solarcaine with lidocaine on hand. It does provide some temporary relief, and can be reapplied when necessary. Calamine lotion can also help if you have at home instead. Those are some things you can do right now for quick relief, but I agree with the statements above, try cutting out as much sugars, processed foods, carbs, and gluten as possible for as long as possible. An allergist is also a good idea to follow up with. I’m so sorry you and your daughter have to deal with this.

KAMMY EISENBERG Aveeno bath in warm (not hot) water. Very soothing. And anti itch cream kept in the fridge.

ALANA REIHL Have her start out in a lukewarm shower and then just keep making it colder..I have to do it once a day at least…not much is working for mine at this point..but those cool showers have saved my skin from a lot of mad itching

SUE JOAN PERFETTO Try oatmeal soap made by essential oils distributor. Take a cold shower rub the soap everywhere the hives are. Sit there for a couple of minutes with the soap suds on her skin. All itching will be gone when she rinces off. The vinegar works too but you smell like vinegar. Lol I’m praying for her.

JADE HORSBURGH BROERE You mentioned she has an overactive thyroid? Has she seen an endocrinologist about the possibility of Graves disease? Its an autoimmune disorder and can cause hives in some who have it. If her thyroid levels arent under control it could 100% be whats setting her off. Best of luck <3


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