hi I hate the thought of something so toxic in my body

I hate the thought of something so toxic in my body

It’s so hard as a woman to not be able shave my legs. I tried once and that was a nightmare for weeks. I try not to complain but when they get to this level it’s hard not to.I have had them biopsied and they came back “high allergic response”. Saw an allergist and be didn’t believe it would help. I did get an injection of 160mg prednisone which brought it down but not away. Orally, I had been taking 40mg daily with Zyrtec, pepcid, xanax, hydrocotozine. Because I have been taking 40mg average of prednisone since around Christmas they decided I need another treatment..,i go to a new derm on Tuesday. The other dermatogist I tried wanted me to take methotrexate but I hate the thought of something so toxic in my body unless I have to.


Maryann Murray Is that how bad they are even on Prednisone??? Have you seen an allergist at all to be properly tested for other causes? I’m thinking if that is how bad they are despite immune suppressing steroids then it’s very possible that your hives are a result of something else..

Olivia Parkhurst Have you tried shaving with the grain with body oil or coconut oil? That seemed to work for me. How long have you had this particular symptom? It took a month and a half – two months for me to be able to start shaving again. If you’re looking for clothes recommendations I would go with maxi skirts because they are really cool for the summer. I’m sorry you’re going through this I know how bad it is.

Jay Gee I use an electric shaver. A ladies one from a drug store. Maybe $12 USD. But yeah not being able to shave was a huge adjustment for me. Even when my hives are under control – shaving will cause a MAJOR flare, so I don’t bother.

Emily Gallagher That is very bad, those hives have an eczema on them of some kind. I agree with Maryann Murray, if the prednisone isn’t working for your skin you have another issue. Prednisone works for everyone, it’s just an impossible long term treatment.

Jay Gee I don’t see eczema – I see hives with scabs from scratching and dry skin from not being able to scrub or use lotion. Seen it been there done that!

Sheila Kopek Yes, they weep a yellowish puss when they are this bad. There’s times I can’t shower for weeks 🙁 Just wash up with pain.

Maryann Murray I think you need to see a different allergist and GP. Someone should be doing thorough tests. That is a pretty high dose of Prednisone and you should be seeing more relief than that on it. And the fact that you are getting pus suggests some kind of bacteria might be present..

Sheila Kopek Not allegra .Zyrtec. I have taken that for seasonal allergies and didn’t think about it for this.I might actually have some in the cupboard.

Emily Gallagher I tried a lot when I was sick. Cyclosporine saved me, there were long term consequences, but the drug pushed me into remission and gave me quality of life. Xolair is difficult to access in Australia, but from what I’ve heard that’s the most hopeful option of symptoms as severe as yours. A lot of sufferers on here have been given incredible second chances with Xolair

Emily Gallagher Your hives are quite serious. If the itch is killing you, have you tried wrapping your legs in cotton materials/bandages, the pressure used to help. Additionally, I used to layer of steroid creams before wrapping my legs. That also helped a great deal. I know some people don’t cope well with the pressure from those things.

Emily Gallagher Just rip up some long strips of pure cotton sheets and try wrapping them loghtly for bed. You could also try to put the aloe vera on after a shower and wrap them for a few hours. If your skin is awfully dry, try a think wet cream with the aloe vera as well. Does water cause hives?
My immunologists used to make me sit in wet cotton Pjs for 1 hour after a bath. I would lather creams before layering on the pjs, 1 wet layer and the dry sets over the top. I would read/ sit in them for just over an hour (I used 3 layers of pjs). It gives all the moisture back to your skin.

Randi Harrison When mine are that bad I go to the doc and get a benadryl shot. Makes the itching go away, and knocks me out, which helps me too.

Erma Stevens My thoughts are with you my daughter has the same hope a cure comes soon for you

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