I have been on xolair for 4 months now and I am hive free

Are you only doing the xolair?

I have been on xolair for 4 months now and I am hive free . I am still taking 4 antihistamines a day to be safe. At what point should I stop taking them, or should I just cut them down one at a time? For those of you who have been successful with xolair, are you still taking antihistamines with it or are you only doing the xolair?


Dana Guffey Crall
I’m still taking my antihistamines. My doctor told me to try and cut back on one of them so I tried that but my body would get really hot like a hive could pop at any moment so I started taking it again.

Karen Ritchie
I tried to cut down but unsuccessfully. I worry about the long term effects of all the antihistamines but xolair was a life saver x

Blakley Tidmore
Karen Ritchie I do too. But I agree, the relief it has given me has been amazing.

Sarah Bogdan
Follow your doctor’s orders. But I tried to start to drop one pill antihistamine and it didn’t work. Xolair with my daily regimen works best for me.

Blakley Tidmore
Sarah Bogdan ok thank you! How many are you taking daily?

Sarah Bogdan
2 zyrtec and 1 allegra twice a day.

Kristen Pagliaro Eckmayer
I was down to one Zantac and one Zyrtec twice daily with the shot

Vedad Mešanović
Before that, were you taking two Zantac and two Zyrtec twice a day? If yes, for how long? I am taking two Zantac (300 mg) and two Atarax (50 mg) once a day since 2015, but I started to worry about long-term effects on my stomach..

Kristen Pagliaro Eckmayer
When my hives are bad…
2 Zyrtec 3 x Day
2 Allegra 2x Day
2 Claritin 2x Day
1 Zantac 2x Day
Never had any stomach issues.

Caroline Jackson
Been on Xolair nearly 4 yrs. Before that, no other meds made any difference. Xolair worked from day 2.
I figured that Xolair was what was keeping the hives away, coz nothing else I was taking ever worked, so just stopped all my other meds after a couple of months.

Irene Vdb
I’m on month 7 of Xolair and still take 80 mg a day of Zyrtec and 600 mg a day of Zantac. If I miss a dose by even a few hours, I get super itchy.
I have heard Zyrtec causes severe withdrawal so I’m not sure if that’s why I’m finding it so hard to cut back on.

Maureen Davidson
What antihistamines do you take Dana

Cassandra Braget
I’ve only had two treatments so far and since my third has been delayed, I’m maintaining my antihistamine dosages. My hives are minimal lately, but I’m paranoid. I’m planning on slowing reducing antihistamines eventually

Soren J Ateri
Cut down. I changed how many I take once per week. Then stayed on one per night for a month then stopped. Now I take zero

Erica Otto
My doctor made me have 6 months of xolair in my system before I tapered off everything. Now 3 years in and just xolair.

Rosavine A. Pablo
I cut down and now after a month since the 3rd injections, I’m on PRN.

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