I have been suffering from chronic urticaria for 26 years

I have been suffering from chronic urticaria for 26 + years . been on xolair for 3 years works for me like a miracle but the minute I go over the 6 weeks I start breaking out . insurance is lagging with my approval haven’t had xolair shot for going on 9 weeks . had a bad breakout prednisone not working anymore . started doing green juice for almost a week now .,still breaking out but I must say it is more tolerable. the itching and swelling is not as bad .last picture I still have hives but it is less itchy . will keep juicing and praying that I can manage this annoying hives even when I don’t get my xolair in time


Mike Schwieters Try autoimmun diet IT ll help…
Montekulast 10mg Tbl 1 daily
Zantac 150 2times daily
Cetirizin 4 times daily
This therapy is from Charité Berlin Germany
Prof Maurer is the specialist

Pixie Hernandezlarot Yes also did a series of lab work, allergy testing all came back negative … thank you for the suggestion noted and will try it

Nina Radivojevic Hives are respons to leaky gut. Try to stay away from gluten, sulfate…quercetin is good to take for histamine issue

Pixie Hernandezlarot Nina Radivojevic noted … willing to try anything at this point this disease is so annoying and frustrating

Barbara Hanna Sorry

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