hi I have blocks for feet and the pressure hurts so bad

I have blocks for feet and the pressure hurts so bad

ANGIOEDEMA and hives..So when should I start to get worried?
Hives and swollen feet and TOES. left started yesterday and is way worse todaay and right started when I woke up (so during the night..) and is getting worse with the other.
I have blocks for feet and the pressure hurts so bad! I had work all day and I was limping all day cause I can’t walk right with the swelling, wth. At least they don’t itch very bad.. just painful and embarrassing..


Christine Becker Prednisone

Tea Angier I have that and methylprednisoline. My dr wanted me to try not to take it because he said he wanted to see if xolair will work with out interruption of steroids since this is my 4th shot and he wants to see if it will work or for just 2 weeks, etc. But i am SO tempted to take some steriods.. Because this is crazy :O I usually take my steriods when its swelling in the face, but i never had it in the feet!

Christine Becker Wish your Xolair worked for u

Tea Angier Christine Becker I’m hoping it still will.. But it may have to be every 2 weeks. So as long as my insurance and copayment go through i can get them! But i cant afford it without it. So it really depends on all that too..

Amy Lane Watkins Varon Tea Angier I had my first xolair shot last week and it’s not working. My hives are just as bad as ever so frustrating!!!

RaeAnn Nelson Don’t get too frustrated. It can take 6+ months

Brian McMahon In the same boat Amy. First injections were last Wednesday. I had read about it knocking hives out in day 1, but sadly I’ve seen zero relief. Like mentioned below, it could take some time. Hang in there.

Tea Angier Amy it is a frustrating process.. I was told by the Dr results should and usually show after 1 or 2 months (1-2 treatments) but that some see results sooner or later.. so it’s so vague. But I wouldn’t give up!

Elizabeth Murillo It’s the worst. I’m sorry 😢 After I put my kids to bed I stay off my feet as much as possible. Put something cold on them and keep them elevated. It doesnt make it go away, but it helps it stop throbbing a little bit. Hope you feel better soon.

Tea Angier Good idea! Thank you :

Elizabeth Murillo Tea Angier hope you find relief soon. I always want to take my emergency stash of steroids, but as soon as I stop taking the steroids it comes back 10x worse. Steroids are marvelous but terrible at the same time. Lol

Tea Angier Elizabeth Murillo Yes i agree! I also dont want to be on long term steroids becuase I dont want my health to be affected on top of this

Evelyn Brethour Your doctor is going to be your best guide. I have taken hundreds, if not over a thousand photos of bad outbreaks, and my doctor responds, when I see him. He really appreciates the effort. My angioedema doesn’t itch either. It hurts more like a bad bruise. Hope today is better for you.

Emma Fitzpatrick I feel ur pain! Mine is the second 2 toes on my left foot and it is itching like crazy in between my toes and under the toe nails I’m mean wtf how can u scratch an itch underneath ur toe nail?!?!? 😩. I hope urs ease soon xx

Tea Angier Oh no I see that! Mine isn’t as bad as last night but still swollen and hivey itch.Hope yours goes away too. For itch I do ice packs!

Janet Morales Tea Angier when angiodema gets to your tung and throat. I too went through it for 6months on going hands, I could stretch my fingers without pain Turing the Turing light on my car 😭 hurt, my feet pressure stepping on feet was unbearable I’d tear walking into the shower it was sooo painful, tungI had 3 incident 2which happen at night where my tung was out of my mouth I could not close my mouth nor put it back in my neck was swollen I say like a turkey I ended up those 2x in the hospital. The tired time I learned to use the eppy pen.!

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