I know you all are the people who will understand.

hive on my arm

I know these aren’t as severe as I’ve had before, but gahhhhh. I’m sick with the flu and have finally fought off the fever after 3 days. These hives are driving me nuts!!! Just wanted to vent. I know y’all are the people who will understand.


OLIVIA PORAZZI CORTESE Believe me I do . I’ve been miserable for a week

SIM URIVETZKY Unfortunately, I do understand. Covered from head to toe. Feel better.

ALICIA GUASTELLA I definitely understand love. Get well and rest! I have been using a mixture that works for, aquaus cream, calamine lotion and menthol cream. Quantities was a guess. It woukd relax the skin and burning and itchy. I then found bulbanella cream and feel great. Dont take any meds. What works for me maybe doesnt work for, this is only a suggestion which fortunately works for me. Hope this is helful to somebody.

JESSICA SIMMONS DELISIO How long does it take after you are sick for hives to go? Or lessen? I was basically hive free for like a month then got sinus infection and two different prescriptions to treat it. My hives came back a lot less but they are such a problem.

MEGAN RUSH Well, they were really bad about 4 years ago that I had to go to the er. Then my allergist gave me an order for what to take. It was just a zyrtec in the morning and then afternoon and benedryl at night. It went away after all the steroids. Spring time it came back but not as severe. This was the worse its been since Ive had them. Im all itchy today but not as bad as yesterday. But I also does up on meds. I think it got bad because of my lack of taking meds because I was sleeping. So I dont know, Im just winging it

KATHY HENDREN HOBBS You were taking Zyrtec twice a day plus Benadryl at night?

KATHY HENDREN HOBBS I take Z and Z morning only when I have hives under control. But if I experience a breakout I take it at night, too, until it clears up. Along with a steroid cream. I worry about taking so much Zyrtec but my doctor says I shouldn’t be concerned. Sigh.

MEGAN RUSH I worry Im taking too much as well. Im in the middle of moving and packing and unpacking. Nightmare, once things get settled Im going to try this keto diet. Ive read it helps with pcos and urticaria. I have both so I may as well try


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