Is it cellulitis?

I was woken up at 3am with burning pain,I got out of bed to flick the light on and I had this,gosh it was sore,just upper body hives today some a pencil eraser size n some around the size of a 10p feeling really down today probably because of being kept awake by this one


Lyndsey Campbell It was burning like hell xx

Ruth Galea So sorry!! Hope you’re better now…Even I woke up with something similar to that on my leg today

Sue Elshire Hargrave It does burn…yikes! I am so sorry!

Brooke Cormier Lyndsey- My hives look like that. I don’t get the round ones like most people. Mine burn more than they itch although I do have itching usually at night. My allergist still maintains that I have CIU. We’re also finding that Xolair doesn’t work as well on these hives as it does on the round, wheal-like hives.

Lyndsey Campbell Yes I get classic hives this was just a one off lol not sure why,I’ve had CIU for 3 years now,gosh I’m hoping when I see the specialist next month I can mention this xolair,but I’m not holding out much hope 🙁 it’s very expensive n people who are suffering cancer article to get funding for vital meds so I will only be asking once 

Brooke Cormier They do offer healthcare assistance. I was able to qualify through the pharmaceutical company and I pay $24 a month for my Xolair injections which is 20% of the cost through my insurance. Best of luck to you!

Deborah Birks Be interesting to see what they say Lyndsey Nuttall about Xolair. Think you know my derm said no, and that I should try all the other stuff on offer. People with cancer really do deserve the funding, pity there isnt enough to go around so we could get something to help us too.

Lyndsey Campbell Debbie Shipman my next drug will be cyclosporine,the specialist was showing me all the treatments that are available on this chart thing,I’ll see if I could possibly get a copy,this dapsone I’m on is not working and I’m stupidly tired! No appetite n I don’t want to take it anymore,I don’t think he will give it me Debbie,not if they have refused u n yours is terrible 

Deborah Birks I have the cyclasporine in the cupboard but I am trying to manage without. I want to get off the steroids and stuff and see how bad it is first. Just want to see what I am like drug free and also see if my body will reset itself back to normal. Its a big maybe but I want to see how I am. I am down to 7.5mg now and the hives are bearable and come and go

Lyndsey Campbell I know Debbie,n I feel I’ve had more than enough from the NHS,I’ve had 2 tummy tucks for free this past 18 months n I had to fight hard for years to get the local PCT to fund it,the second tuck was because they hadn’t taken enough the first time so I had a fleur de lis and I’m so greatful to them I carnt fault the NHS really,as it’s all free not like some countries  . It’s hard Debbie,steroids r the only thing which help,I don’t like the sound of cyclosporine though

Michelle Rumsey yes i will its a bit harsh . but i am at the desperate stage . also on 30 steroids . altogether i can function well now so fingers crossed

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