Is this a new hive hell or something else?

Advice needed lovely people! This rash is a new one, new place, not on other arm and is maddening itchy despite the rest of my normal hive places being under control with antihistamines at the moment. It’s not like my usual hives. Is this a new hive hell or something else? Any ideas?


Sue Elshire Hargrave It’s most likely break-through hives! Fingers Crossed. I have hives that show up anywhere on my body, and they can look very different! Some stay raised dots, some make giant wheals, some are filmy and are more painful than others, and some are very, very deep. It can present in different ways. I’m so sorry this is occurring! Hopefully, it will go away quickly! 

Jacqui Todd It’s a strange one Sue. They started as tiny blisters and don’t completely resolve like my other hives. This are has just sort of spread the past week. My husband thought shingles maybe, eek!

Jayne Kelly god hopefully not, shingles AND hives

Cristine Kreplick Yeah, mine morph into different sizes, shapes, and locations! Mine did exactly that they looked like chicken pox, I swore to the doctor they were different, he said they were hives too. They itched until I scratched, then healed up and left a pretty little scar I can’t get rid of grouchy today, I hate this for all of us!

Joel Crawford Whatever you do, do not turn that stove on! hope the hives go away quickly for you.

Jacqui Todd Bummer! A new location for the buggers to breed. I may try and gas them over the stove, woman versus hives style!

Cristine Kreplick There have been nights I would have tried anything, including burning them off! Step away from the stove Jacqui!

Jacqui Todd I have reached for the Pinot instead.and breathe

Sue Elshire Hargrave Jacqui Milton, Yikes! I’ve had shingles, and they are incredibly painful. I was down 7 days, and in incredible pain. The urticaria can certainly be like that too! I hope this leaves you soon. We have enough to deal with considering we have CU! Be off with you, nasty hives!!!!

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