Just do not want to mess up its effectiveness.

I just added it to my regimen yesterday to see if it will help (trying it in the morning and night with my Zyrtec and Zantac among other supplements)

I know I can’t drink fruit JUICE for 4 hours after taking it (or 2 hours before)

But what about fruit in general?

Breakfast is usually when I eat fruit in some form. I also make whole food smoothies a lot. And what about dried fruit?

Just don’t want to mess up its effectiveness.


Stephanie Sullivan Westheiden Obviously I didn’t read the bottle nor did my dr say anything about no fruit/juice. I used to love a glass of OJ in the morning but since oranges/citrus is a high histamine I stopped. I’m experimenting with a glass every now and again so will have to investigate this as take Allegra every morning and maybe one in evening.

Jillyn Allred Stephanie Sullivan Westheiden yeah from what I’ve read if you drink juice around when you take it it basically renders it useless.


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