hi Mostly urticaria on my feet & legs

Mostly urticaria on my feet & legs

Hi I’m joann 34 , this all started on April 26 I had to take my son the the ER he’s 9 months old possible croup. I had a major anxiety attack that day as the last time I was at that same ER a mother lost her 13 month old & I was having another miscarriage. So when I was put in a room my face was on fire my anxiety was off the charts. Next morning I awoke with about 6 little hives on my stomach no big deal. So I thought . Everyday since if I didn’t take Benadryl I wake full of hives swollen lips / eyes. I was placed on steroids and that fixed me. Until I was done them they came right back 🙁 I seen an allergist and they did a skin test it shows positive for pet dander and dogs. I’ve had dogs all my life still do. Anyways I was sent for blood work & I got a call back all was good but my IGE was slightly elevated. I read online and got myself so upset over this. Right now I’m on Allegra & Zyrtec I take both in the morning all my swelling is gone but I still wake most mornings with some urticaria on my feet & legs mostly.the first pic was the first time hives showed up. Last pic was before I seen the allergist. I know I I don’t take these medications I’ll be covered head to toe. I’m so worried over all this.


Joann Patricia Polk Here’s another one I was covered head to toe 🙁 Benadryl helped.

Laura Press Sorry to see ur suffering Have u been offered xolair shot? Or any other medications as with us all were all suffering n trying to find a cure or at least some relief xx hugs xxx

Joann Patricia Polk I got relief from the medicines I’m on now I’m just so worried about this IGE elevation and what that could be the allergist said it’s from the allergies. Worst thing I could of done was do a google search. My hubby is upset with me since I’m stressing myself out over all of this. My next appointment is July 20th I guess if the allergist was worried she would of called me in sooner. When I wasn’t on anything seemed like is goto bed with none and wake covered or when the medicine wares off. I’m glad that these two are working and I only have a little bit now in the morning when I wake up.

Jules Langford Not surprised you are stressed – what a horrible thing to happen.

Joann Patricia Polk I’m just not sure why they haven’t gone away by now . Dr said the switch was turned on & medications will turn it off. Now I worry about the hives cause of the crap I read online just stressed me out more!

Christina Battle I’ve had them on and off but consecutively the longest is 2 years. I swear benedryl has no effect on me now. Try to find a way to monitor your stress levels. I’m monitoring a trend right now with myself where if I’m really stressed they get worse and if I’m not they lessen in severity. Sometimes that off switch takes a while

Joann Patricia Polk I’m working on the stress thing now.yesterday I took my 1 Allegra and I did good and 1 Zyrtec b-4 bed I woke with some patches on the back of my shoulders and backs I my legs but not too bad. I’m thinking this is my new normal. I’m not sure how long they will last I just pray all it is, is hives. My friend says “it’s your body telling you something’s wrong”. I feel good other than the chronic hives and swelling

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