hi My son have hives for 2 years doctors never find what causing the hives

My son have hives for 2 years doctors never find what causing the hives

My 14 years old son have hives for 2 years doctors never find what causing the hives one doctor told us may be is stress hives any one there have stress hives I am lost


Myrna Vazqz-Pinero I’ve been having them for over 20yrs but ever since I’ve started taking vitamin D the hives have stopped a lot. Have the Dr check his vitamin D levels. Hope he gets better soon I also use this and it stops the itching and burning feeling so I don’t have to take antihistamines too often

Kayla Turner Curious where you found this?

Myrna Vazqz-Pinero CVS ..Im tired of taking steroids and pills so I’m trying different things. I stopped taking meds 30 days ago feel more awake now

Mandy Liza Do you get bad pain without meds though?

Myrna Vazqz-Pinero When I get flares yes but I put that on and it goes away and I’m finally loosing weight and I dont have that many episodes since I started taking vitamin D supplements

JohnsCindi Fagan Does this burn at all? My little girl also has eczema I wonder if this would hurt going on? So hard to find something that soothes without burning first.

Susan Belloni If anyone has hives longer than 6 weeks, it is considered chronic idiopathic or autoimmune hives. Do you have an allergist/immunologist? You start with trying antihistamines to immunosuppressants to Xolair to try to control them or go into remission.

Elias Boutros Said We tried everything but not xolair

Linda Tsirikos does he take antihistamne? i use allegra 2 x a day and it helps

Elias Boutros Said We tried everything nothing working

Shannon Price Have you tried methotrexate? Nothing at all worked for me I dropped antihistamines and had methotrexate and folic acid and within a month it was gone they said stress hives to me too but didn’t think I was stressed.

Linda Tsirikos I learned stress can be almost anything: emotional stress from daily life, school, friends, mental anguish and physical stress from anything such as other medications ( both prescribed and over the counter) cold, virus, UTI, fractured foot( like I just had and yes, had hives), pink eye, ( yep had that and hives too), anything can put stress on your body. As Susan Belloni replied: find an allergist or immunologist and if that allergist can’t help you, find another one who can help you.. my primary doctor was no help for me.

Elias Boutros Said is methotrexate safe ?

Evelyn Brethour Boy, I think most people here recognize that stress makes their hives worse and hives can be stressing, but I pretty sure stress itself is not the cause of CIU.

Claudine Starkie Sadly it takes a long time to get the right combination of drug’s. Stay positive and the right one will be out there.

Joanne Benson I have hives for well over 10 years all the doctors I saw just told me to take more antihistamines and have a good scratch! I lived on dermercool cream.and a mix if phenergan and citizen hydrochloride untill.i developed joint pain is after giving birth I was sent to a rheumatologist who run some bloods xrays and mri he found I had large numbers of c1q antibodys and diagnosed me with urticaria vasculitis (huvs)

Mirror Chilola So are u hive free now??

Joanne Benson No and won’t be it’s something ill.have to live with for the rest if my life there better I have good months and bad.months ! There a meds out There to treat it.but I’ve reacted badly to them so far so just sticking with antihistamines for.now

Abbey Arceo I had a similar situation as Joanne. Years of being told to take more allergy pills even though they did nothing. I found a dermatologist who diagnosed me with UV after doing a biopsy. I am not exactly hive free. It took a little while for him to find the right cocktail of meds but once I found them, my hives were close to being gone in 8-12 months. I’m 98% hive free and not taking any meds ( except for daily allergy medicine). I used to have bad hives like your son but now I’ll get one or two hives every now and then, unless I get really sick.. then I’m back to being covered in them. Please tell him not to give up hope there are more of us out there and he is not alone. ((hugs))

Mis Melissa I started getting mine around 12. Could be hormonal. They went into remission after two years. I have them now again at 31..also had them at 25. Has he tried Claritin. I take reactine now with Zantac and it helps a ton. I have many autoimmune issues too.

Tea Angier There are some studies out there that link gut health to hives and autoimmune diseases. Perhaps look into that! I think just some google searches of “autoimmune, chronic idiopathic urticaria, hives” as some of the words to use to get to where you want to be!

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