What should I do can hives mess up my surgery ?

I need help
Since Nov 2nd I’ve developed hives after having food poising for eating canned tuna for the first time
I been getting the hives every other day but now it’s every day night/day
I have cosmetic surgery (lipo)will be out to sleep mid dec
I been cleared from blood work on nov 7th
What should I do can hives mess up my surgery ??
It shouldn’t interfere?? What do I do? Go to a doctor?


Teresa Slaven Pressure points

Ruby Vida Teresa Slaven I only get them on my stomach and below my pouch stomach

Teresa Slaven I started getting them to about a month ago . Had allergy test but I’m good. Next is a specialist with dermatologist.

Ruby Vida Teresa Slaven same! I haven’t got tested . I did blood work for the lipo and it came out cleared. I only get them upper body and you?

Gemma Sarah Drabble Doctor will give u antihistamines then prob refer u to a derematolagist. That’s me in England tho x

Nicole Carrie Hey girl ! I just wanted to send you a message here because for whatever reason I am locked out of my Messenger and I can’t get it to work. So I didn’t want you to think that I was ignoring your messages.

Ruby Vida Nicole Carrie hey! Aww, that’s not good . So I haven’t gone home today and I ate basically some chicken tenders hot sauce and ranch……& still no hives :0!!!

Nicole Carrie Ruby Vida oh I’m so glad no hives !!

Ruby Vida Nicole Carrie I came home and as soon as I laid in bed I got them

Nicole Carrie Ruby Vida I got them at night and the morning more often . Could there be something in your home ( maybe mold ) that your reacting too? I even had to stay away from my place for a weekend to see if it was my condo or not

Ruby Vida Nicole Carrie yeah I think so , my roommate washed my sheets and sprayed alcohol in the bed in the wall on the floor and nothing as soon as I laid in bed it began

Nicole Carrie Ruby Vida are you allergic to the detergent? I went to a plant-based detergent, no scent, nothing

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